adorable , black woman with red hair and nice curves.
i am Brie, that's how i know .
by Briesie February 02, 2005
Top Definition
a tuff name for a very fun girl.
a girl with the name brie, is usually short for something,
such as brianna, brienne, etc.
a girl with the name brie is friendly, but can be mean at times.
she is a fun person to be with and the light of the party.
brie is very smart and whatever she puts her mind to she accomplishes.
she is very talented and falls in love easily.
she can be a tom boy and a girly girl.
brie is so awesome
by Dallas Winston August 21, 2009
1. n. a thick creamy cheese. 2. a girl's name in which the girl MUST be amazing.
1. Would you like some Brie spread on your crackers?

2. Dude, I went out with Brie this weekend. She's amaaaaazing.
by The amazing. February 12, 2009
brie is a name for a girl who is , sexy, hot,and naturally funny
most people love Bries, even though they tend to have an attitude and be
quite sarcastic at times. a brie is a good , loyal and beautiful girlfriend
if you get to know a brie, consider yourself lucky, youve met one of the most amazing people youl ever know , and remember *TAP DAT ASS*
kyle: "yo did you see what Bries wearing today?"
tyler:"yeah, shes lookin fine AF!"
kyle:"damn, if i could have her...mhh mhh mhh"
by omlthatbootytho April 20, 2015
Usually associated as a soft cow's cheese.This day in age the term "Brie" is an effort to try and classify a fine piece of supermodel ass. They usually have a worldwide reputation and often a background in haute couture. Note: Brie's are completely off the charts of any numeral value that a number cannot compute,render or possibly scale a person of this magnitude. Computers usually have trouble computing "Bries" and blow up accordingly.
Dude Bro #1:Dude, you've been talking about her all day. Does she have a Facebook??? Is she a 10 or what???

Dude Bro #2: She's a Brie.

Dude Bro #1: What's her name? I'm on Facebook.
by OJ.DID.IT. September 07, 2012
female version of brah without the douche bag connotation.

a term of endearment used among female friends.
What's up brie?

You're my girl, brie.
by biboo didi May 11, 2011
To give a man oral sex to completion. Come's from the French cheese whose flavor has subtle undertones that are similar to those in semen.
No, I promise I didn't have sex with Sage, I just bried him!
by chefbrie February 13, 2014
Cheese which I make.
Watup ma niggah, want some brie?
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