This is what happens when someone; generally a female companion backs you into a corner where there is nothing left to do but "jump off the bridge"
*Phone Rings*
Male: Hello?
Female: Hey
Male: Hey I was just playing COD can I call you back after the match?
Female: Yeah you can...but I will be mad.
Male: Gah.... well I'm going bridge jumping bye.
Female: Wha!?!? I'm sorry!
by TheGhostWhoTouchedYou October 29, 2009
Top Definition
To make a bet so large that you will go jump of a bridge if you lose.
Scotty was bridge jumping the Patriots opening week. He was very happy when they won.
by Brendanwooo September 17, 2010
the act of being stupid, by jumping off or onto bridges.
Usally this happens in the act of being under the infulence, or high.
My friend mike was so stoned he started bridge jumping
by Courtneycannible October 29, 2007
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