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Crazon is the meaning of peace, and war. If you are a Crazon you belive that peace is what we should always have, but if we need to use violence, then you can. Crazons only use violence in the deepest of times. They mostly belive in peace, but if it comes down to that you have to use violence, then they use it.

They are not hippies, they are people who belive in peace and war, but mostly peace.
There was a Crazon who didn't know to use his fist, or to have peace.
by Courtneycannible October 29, 2007
the act of being stupid, by jumping off or onto bridges.
Usally this happens in the act of being under the infulence, or high.
My friend mike was so stoned he started bridge jumping
by Courtneycannible October 29, 2007
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