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In Futurama, this is Bender's version of being "shitfaced" since he shits bricks instead of shit.
1. Let's get brickfaced!
2. I was so brickfaced last night...
by a1vin July 26, 2010
Very drunk. Usually a result of getting caught in Bricksand.
Term originated at The Brick Bar and Grill, West Haven CT.
Last night I got completely Brickfaced after being trapped in Bricksand for 6 hours.
by ScottPeter February 07, 2015
When you are soo fucked up (from anything) you cant move your face.


The giant Hangover Face you get the morning after a huge party.
Last night after a few bars a 40 an a blunt i was Brick Faced like you wouldnt believe son!
by Dafatkid November 11, 2006

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