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A substance that is thrown into doorways to ward off those one can not trust.
Bitch, I'm gonna throw some brick dust on this doorway so you can't get me, Pussy!
#brick #dust #brick dust #crazy dust #crazy
by Mary Anne Mason December 30, 2005
A homosexual act; The act of one man getting his penis sanded off by a belt-sander while the other male is sitting underneath the sander receiving all the bloody mess from above while masturbating.
-"dude how'd the trip go?"
-"pretty good, totally docked then got brick dust from Krazy Kyle."
#brickdust #brick #dust #homo #act
by Lasagna.lover November 09, 2010
The ejaculate substance from Abe Vigoda.
That guys so old, he's shootin' brick dust.
#abe vigoda #brick #dust #ejaculate #crusty #shootin
by Kelvinator June 28, 2007
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