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Adj, Cold, frigid temperature or weather.
Damn son, it's brick ass out this motherfucker! Let me go snatch up my hoodie, and get some mittens.
by JD & MK February 16, 2008

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Phrase popularized by the notorious rap artist Brian Allen Caine aka B.A.C. from BPS,used to describe an ass which is either large and desirably hard or small and desirably hard.
"Got stacks of brick asses
Lined for brick ass
Likem so much that I callem brick ass
Come here girl lemme see ya brick ass
When will you learn they can be big or small
Either which way, I likem all
Thats how we ball
Wit a ass in the front and the back
It dont matter if shes Asian Caucasian or Black
Cause all I really want is that ass in the sack"-BPS "That Ass"

Bucco "Check out that brick ass"
Cramer "Like it so much that I call it brick ass"
Bock "Come here girl lemme see ya brick ass"
BAC "Guys when will you learn they can be big or small, either which way, I likem all"
by BPS fo shizzle August 09, 2004