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B.R.H = Be Right Here
smellygir21: Hey, I'll brb
cooldude: Hey, I'll brh
smellygirl21: smartass!
by pesmo January 23, 2007
One of a deluge of self-important representations comprising ultimately insignificant youths who flood Urban Dictionary with specific and narrow-minded definitions of proper locations and associations. In an effort to preserve a malformed, immature legacy and contest time for a defensive moment in the face of obscurity, this attempt is relentlessly downvoted like many, and condemned by this author as few are. A shining example of attaching meaning to something that is so far beyond unimportance, that the mere patterning of electrons arranged in its recognition are not worth one-hundredth the area of their estate on a RAID.
BRHS is not important to anyone on the internet.
by Wondershock May 23, 2010
Such a lame high school that their mascot is a Pirate (AKA: A drunken, unshaven, half-blind and thieving/plagiarizing human) and a Lakewood graduate had to make them an Urban Dictionary page.
BRHS kid: "Hey, don't I know you from that competition last month?"

LRHS kid: "Yeah, I was in the group that smoked your sorry asses."
by LRHS Light Yagami January 23, 2010
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