Top Definition
The livest magnet high school in the World.
Fun, exciting & LIVE!
Way better than BTW & Lamp/
For all you hataz out there, you just wish you went there!
Brewtech is the livest school in the World.
by Lil "J" March 04, 2004
The best school in the gump
yall need to stop haten on brewtech
by pimp slim April 10, 2003
a school where kids who are "smart" are send to learn about technology and is located in montgomery alabama also where the band ten cents short of a dime go to school and is full of ghetto people preps and a couple of preters
u go to brewtech cool
by dr.x (version1) May 14, 2004
A school containing: 95% preps....and 5% everything else!
I don't like Brewtech.
by j00r April 10, 2003
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