What you call multiple beers if a) you're cluelessly still living in the 1980's; b) ironically pretending you're in an 80's teenage T&A film to underline that your life experience completely revolves around what you have watched on television.

If a) then cut that mullet. If b) no-one thinks you're cool, so stop it. Stop it right now.
"Dude... totally rad kegger. Pass the brewskis. Cowabunga! Is that Gary and Wyatt? Let's kick their butts!"
by bananapyhjamefe March 17, 2008
The word that swill-guzzling American college students have mutated to refer to cheap beer. Consumed in large quantities in seedy locales, these beverages largely constitute for a portion of the stupidity and bodily vastness of the current collegiate generation. Often, a term used by the Macho Asshole or Sports Prick to indicate their beverage of choice.
Dude, let's go the snatch mad brewskis from that chill kegger tonight.
by S. Adams October 21, 2007
Polish beer or someone who drinks polish beer and behaves like a 6 year old drunk on Polish beer.
Brewski sure is a know it all drunk with all those brewskis he has just consumed.,
by Uncle Bernie August 17, 2010
-Nickname for a best friend, usually of the opposite sex, although not necessarily.

-A good drinking buddy.
...I miss my brewski. :(

Wassup, my brewski?! xD
by NightmareMistress June 03, 2010
Scrotally well-endowed (male) naked mole-rat, with a penchant for polarbears. Scrotum is often utilised as a shelter in poor weather, and pulled over the entire body to coccoon said mole rat. Mates rarely and with great brevity.

Check out that Brewski, using his gigantic scrotum as a sail to cross open waters, an unattractive, yet ingenious beast.
by Joeleo November 17, 2006
I much prefer the idea that this is a cup of tea
Cybil, put on the kettle for a brewski, good man.
by jimbo January 26, 2005
A hick way of saying beer.
Ey! Billy-Bob, is you's gettin' on da brewski?!

Ya'goddam right I is!
by Løserkid January 24, 2005
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