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a small boy with big dreams.
Guy 1: DO you know that jerry wants to be the next president of the united states?

guy 2: Wow, what a little brew.
by larkman15 April 09, 2012
7 7
a DC term for "bitch".
Ayy,,, sahn mark is a BREW!
by straightloafin May 17, 2010
13 13
another way to say bro
Tom: What's good brew?
Steve: Nothin much, brew.
by Kimbroski January 11, 2010
59 59
lancashire slang for a 'cuppa'. it can be a cup of tea or coffee.
Most liverpudlians don't understand the concept that 'brew' can mean both tea or coffee.
"hello friend, would you like a brew?"
"yes please, coffee or tea is fine"
by BestCo-ordEver! May 08, 2009
33 33
Jewish Bro
Daniel: damn look at that jew in the lifted truck
Andrew: yeah man, he is such a brew
by superfatgypsy June 30, 2011
10 11
the south african version of the word "bro". only champions who live their lives in the lifestyle of amazingness and follow strict championism rules use this term. if you are not a champion, please do not ever say this word.
Hey brew what up?
by CHAMPIONISM January 01, 2011
2 3
a beer.
everyone was drinking brews at the frat castle
by lxa bro September 28, 2008
85 86