A pathetic no good loser who couldn't control a pile of shit.
Look at that poor brett johnson imitator.
by Ponygirl December 14, 2004
boy nicknamed "california" who is simply crazy. He is also a boy who cant keep his hands outta his pants and who chases after boys since his girlfriend broke up with him.
oh geez look at that dumbass brett johnson
by insultsanonymous December 15, 2004
A 15 year old boy from southern illinois who tries to screw everything in sight snd who thinks he is a pimp.
Dude look at that dude acting like a brett johnson!
by Ponygirl December 14, 2004
a 15 you old boy who has boyfriend and he cant keep track of one or the other
like dude look at brett making out with one his boyfriends.
by bigcheetahgirl December 20, 2004
a 15 year old boy who goes to cryin to his mother and goes after other boys.
like dude look at brett johnson run to his mama
by bigcheetahgirl December 17, 2004
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