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Adj - Robust; full flavored; Substantial.
The cup of coffee was bren.
by Danny Fresh September 06, 2006
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"The Brenaldo"

Somebody who rules everybody
A prime example would be a king
by OMFGWTFBBQ May 01, 2005
1. a cute little guy who loves cupcakes <3
2. enjoys being stalked by two really beautiful girls.
3. very bouncy
"ursula: who's that eating a cupcake over there?
tree: oh that's Bren! :)"
by ursula and tree April 16, 2009
Guys with this name are rare as well as their personality. Once you meet a "Bren", try to make friends with him and you'll be surprised with what knowledge he got in store. Although he is not a very good critical thinker like in math in spite of how hard he tries, he knows very well about the facts in life. He's very kind, loves his family as he's the eldest within his siblings, knows how to listen, likes to read books, plays basketball or computer games (but no addiction, just for fun), he dreams to travel someday in Europe, thinking of the deep blue ocean scares him knowing how endlessly deep it is, loves his dog Moria, has a crush on Emily Blunt, likes songs that makes you sleepy like "puff the magic dragon", doesn't look like a loser when he's alone, raps, plays guitar (I think?), likes skittles.
Do you think he's a Bren?
by Trumannn November 07, 2013

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