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In the southern part of NYC is the small town of Breezy Point. this 2.5 mile long beach community is filled with 5 bars, a liquor store and little else. Kids start drinking at the age of 10 and don't stop till they die. Breezy is a place were hitchiking is still a way to get around and 4 kids on a hampton cruiser is normal. Summer days are spent with a few 30s of budlight and a bunch of friends laying on the beach, and nights are filled with kegs, parties in the dunes and of course house parties. There is a constant rivalry with the rockaway kids, from CYO in kindergarten to playing pong at the age of 40. Breezy is a place were when parents walk in on a house party they get pissed off cause they werent invited. Breezy is by far the sickest place in the world to spend the summer. All breezy kids go to one of the few catholic schools near us, all the kids who stay at Scholar's are shunned. We don't have cops and are stuck with the Dink's whose biggest threat is to take a teenagers beer away and call there parents. All the kids are sick at sports and get scholarships for w.e they play. Elk is a byword for february break, were the entire population leaves and goes skiing for a week, ruining at least one hotel. Were 40 year old men running down the beach at 2 am completely smashed lighting off fireworks is a normal sight. Nicknamed the Irish Rivera, everyone here is either irish or italian. Breezy point is a teenagers paradise.
Chilling on the beach on Breezy mardi gras with a 10 30's and noone cares.....

What ever breezy point kid looks forward to all year.
by breezybiotch May 12, 2011
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The best place on earth. 3.5 miles long. 5 bars, beach, bay, no cops, and no drinking age. In the summer its popping and its madd fun. winter isnt as much fun but the bars are still open. dont come if ur not irish tho. basically drunk people riding bicycles everywhere. thiers lik 3 roads and everything else is sand its fucking paridise bro.
by biotch1111111112 January 23, 2011

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