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to leave or exit, also to break off relations
Jay-Z (Big Pimpin) : First time they fuss, im breezin
by therightdef February 11, 2007
breezing: to hang out; chill
Jeyanna: hey girl, what are you up to tonight?
You: oh, not too much. just breezin with some homies.
by easypeasy May 28, 2006
present participle of verb "to breeze" meaning "to leave"
right, i'm breezin'
(i am leaving now)
by jammybear March 01, 2004
to chill or to let things go how they go
Yesterday i was just breezin' through.
by naplax January 04, 2010
Mate Ya Get What Im Breezin ?

Stop Airin Ppl And Listen Ta What Ya Breezin
by DaaaDaaaa August 26, 2008
To fart silently, like a breeze.
Often confused with the other meaning of this word, to leave.
-"Alright, I'm breezin"
by cvzzzz October 06, 2009
Brezzin: To "smack" or touch oneself either all the time or just for the first sight. Brezzin also means to bother one's "meat" when alone or if someone does not notice.
1) "Yo I was "Breezin" today after school. I could not not help but i was looking at some videos and they "got me going".

2) Breezin: "Yo I knocked on your door today 2 minutes after you went in your room and you did not even answer so what hell were you doing "Breezin" or did you suddenly go to sleep so quickly?" "Ughh...i suddenly went to sleep....HOW BOUT YOU LEAVE ME ALONE SOMETIMES AND LET ME DO ME!!!"
by "fml" March 27, 2009
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