Breasts, boobs, titties, jugs ect.
Damn that bitch got so nice ass breasties
by X April 20, 2005
Top Definition
Being in the mood for breasts. Partially horny, but mainly just the need to look at breasts. See also "Assy" and "Pre-Party"
"I've had about 3 beers, i'm in a really breasty mood"

"Hey Kelly, show your tits! I'm feeling breasty!"
by Deus April 11, 2005
two female friends that have attractive breasts, and are comfortable enough to take a bath with each other, change in front of each other, and when photographed, usually will pose close enough for their breasts to smush against each other. ( derived from besties )
Joe: You know Megan and April have been getting close to each other, lately.

Mac: Yeah I know, have you seen Megan's profile pic?

Joe: The one with both of them in it?

Mac: Uh-hun, they are such breasties.
by handsomevirgil November 07, 2009
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