( . )( . )-fat

(.) (.)-cleavage


( y )-nippleless



Either of the two soft, protruding organs on the upper front of a woman's body that secrete milk after pregnancy.

Some things to do with breasts: Squeeze them, slap them, tweak them, draw circles around each boob and a line between them and put his face on them like they're glasses, paint your famlies faces on them and have him practice meeting them.
by MrGuy666 December 14, 2015
one of two organs, most defined on females, with the purpose of feeding young.
The woman nursed her child at her breast.
by werekldsng September 10, 2010
A smarter word for boobies
So I was supposed to bring around a foreign exchange student around campus and I spot this hot girl and I say "Damn look at the boobs on that one" and he looks at me like What are boobs? I say "You know kinda like breasts" He nods at me. We go to the cafe and to buy some food, he goes up to the counter and asks for some fucking chicken boobies.
by SomeRandomGuyYouDontKnow July 12, 2015
what can we say about breasts the fact that they are arguably the best creation known to man but they are not givien enough respect so fuk global warming and this economic crisis i say we just tak 5 or more minutes out of our time and just stare at a magnificint pair of breasts, feel if possible suck if possible and then you'll feel complete freedom so i employ everyone on the face of this earth to do so!
"god once said i'm bored lets put some breasts on tht girl and then he became aroused and so did we"
by big bajongas October 17, 2008
dirty pillows, golden bozos, 'the twins', tits, curves, honkers, hooters, and generally third base in male mythology.
It was my quest to find breasts that ruined my grades, and lost me in the jungles of modern day sexology.
by Mark from Fed June 06, 2007
the part on the female body formerly known as the cheast which rymes with breast. this part of the female body is nice to suck on. it is known that when you suck on this part the girl really enjoys it. also refer to tits. thaey also provide milk for men and are nice to squeeze.
the frontal part of a womans body the tits
by joker 3483 March 04, 2004

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