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A person who helps you make the right decision of breaking up with the person you are dating by giving you an objective opinion of how bad they are for you and by giving post breakup support.
I was thinking of getting back together with Laura but luckily I had Michele as a breakup buddy and she talked me out of it.
by Gimster November 13, 2006
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A person who involves themselves in a relationship when it is none of their business, and therefore convinces one person in the relationship of the shortcomings of their significant other. Often has alterior motives.
My boyfriend and I broke up. He and his breakup buddy are now an item. Suprise suprise.
by Samantha Fischer July 02, 2007
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A male friend who "lends a hand" if you're horny after your girlfriend breaks up with you.
Dave sure needed a breakup buddy after Laura left, and Jack
had him come over many times for comfort.
by Steve Hoglund July 02, 2007
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