Breakfast in bed is when one wakes up next to (or happens to come upon) a sleeping lady companion and proceeds to perform cunnilingus on her. This is a gennerally appreciated method of being woken up. The phrase makes allusions to the term "eating out" as the person performing the oral ministrations is having, euphemisticaly, their first meal of the day in bed. In this case the meal happens to be a woman's genetalia and there is still a need to eat breakfast afterward.
This is similar to, but differs in key ways from, a mongoose.
I had great sex with Tiffany last night, so when I woke up and saw that she was still asleep, I had breakfast in bed to thank her.

Lisa I have to call you back, Frank is having breakfast in bed with me. What is he eating? Uh...
by MikeD3 June 20, 2007
Top Definition
After long night of love-making, the next morning you gently awaken your ladyfriend with gentle laps of her labia.
I had breakfast in bed yesterday morning.
by lucasdailey February 09, 2006
Waking up to find your dick/pussy is being feasted on
Last night, I gave my girl a "breakfast in bed"
by Mega Millions March 29, 2010
Eating a girl out in bed the morning, subsequent to a nights sleep next to her.
Sarah and I just woke up, we're having breakfast in bed though so I'll call you back in a bit.

You give a girl breakfast in bed and she'll be all smiles for the rest of the day!
by M the Insomniac April 15, 2007
When a girl is passed out from drinking and a guy starts jacking off in the morning, jumps on the bed, shakes it to wake the girl up, and skeets all over her face.
After getting shitfaced the night before, Mary was passed out from drinking. Jack decided to surprise her by serving some breakfast in bed.
by E&A February 06, 2006
When you pour syrup in a girls vagina and you get a pancake and roll it up. Then you slurp it out slowly.
Tommy gave Jilly a Breakfast in bed.
by Chance334 January 31, 2014
When you wake up your partner or lover after a long pleasurable night of sex by inserting your penis roughly into their anus after masturbating previously to the point of ejaculation. As she turns around to yell at you, "WTF," you blow your load into her mouth.
My fiancée asked me last night to bring her breakfast in bed in the morning after we got done making love. I'm not normally the type for sentimental stuff. Little did she know, she was in for a treat.
by Timmy, Josh, Branden, Taven March 02, 2011
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