It means to divide. To go separate ways. To not give a fuck about one another. To leave them alone, let them be. But you know, guys are selfish & don't want to see their ex girlfriend be happy so they have to ruin the girls happiness & hit them up with a text and talk shit on social media so they can look "cool".
"Why are you so worried about what's she's doing? Didn't you break up with her?"
by Keepitrealsarah July 17, 2014
When yo ho don't want you no mo, and/or you don't want her, you break up.
by EroticusPrime August 21, 2003
1. to break into smaller pieces
(i.e. : grinding marijuana buds)
2. to break into smaller portions for multiple users.
I had to break up the pot I bought today so i can roll it without a stem popping out.
by tweak August 18, 2003
to get upset
im not gonna break up over it
(past tense- get all broken up over it)
by deena313 August 28, 2003
What is gonna happen when your boy thinks that your gonna plunge a knife into your wrsits when your so not. When he thinks you have issues with being adopted
Eg: You have got a fucking clue who I am. It's over.
by Maddy March 29, 2005

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