When two people who were in a relationship have decided to end it. And they ither A) avoid each other. B) Hate each other. Or C) Are still good friends.
Breakup- We broke up the other day after being in a relationship for 3 weeks. And were still friends!
by Kellyelly123 August 03, 2008
When yo ho don't want you no mo, and/or you don't want her, you break up.
by EroticusPrime August 21, 2003
1. to break into smaller pieces
(i.e. : grinding marijuana buds)
2. to break into smaller portions for multiple users.
I had to break up the pot I bought today so i can roll it without a stem popping out.
by tweak August 18, 2003
to get upset
im not gonna break up over it
(past tense- get all broken up over it)
by deena313 August 28, 2003
What is gonna happen when your boy thinks that your gonna plunge a knife into your wrsits when your so not. When he thinks you have issues with being adopted
Eg: You have got a fucking clue who I am. It's over.
by Maddy March 29, 2005
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