1. To stop.
2. To leave your boyfriend/girlfriend
I had to break up the party.
I had to break up with Morty.
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
They suck. Especially when you both still like eachother.
She ended it but I still like her and i think she still liks me. We had a Break ups.
by lilmlowell7223 February 17, 2009
when a guy and a girl decide not to continue dating or 'going out'
she had a bad break up with her boyfriend

they broke up last week
by Anonymous August 18, 2003
To end a relationship
They will break up,because they dont have enough in common
by Oz August 18, 2003
it means the ending of a relaitonship
"i was so stressed after the break up with jason, i thought that nobody would ever love me any more boo hoo"
by . August 17, 2003
It means to divide. To go separate ways. To not give a fuck about one another. To leave them alone, let them be. But you know, guys are selfish & don't want to see their ex girlfriend be happy so they have to ruin the girls happiness & hit them up with a text and talk shit on social media so they can look "cool".
"Why are you so worried about what's she's doing? Didn't you break up with her?"
by Keepitrealsarah July 17, 2014
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