Technically it means drop yo money or i`ll beat the shit out you, either way the person will beat the shit out you so after you give the money run like a total bitch cause you aint gonna get yo money back.
Bitch nigga: a nigguh break yourself foo or take a beatin from my peice or dick either way.

Victim: Holy shit man what i do to you man.

Bitch nigga: Well yo ass aint gonna make it to see tommarow.

Victim: Ok sir.
*in the back ground chicks be talkin*

Chicks: Dat foo gonna get his ass rob like a real white nigga and he black.

*Victim runs like a bitch but got shot in duh ass*

Victim: Oh shit damn fuck pussy ass nigguh shot my ass.

Bitch nigga: Fuk nigga yous a dead mutha fuka now beyoch suk dis dick.

*Victim is rape and dies shortly but Bitch nigga got his ass shot by the po po's or white people term : police.*

by Text the nigga September 21, 2009
To submit, or yield to someone else.
The armed robber told the lady "Break yourself" so she gave him her purse.
by King March 26, 2003
Slang. Pronounced "break yo'self."
1.Warning someone to run or sbmit to power, usually followed by the busting of caps.
"What'd you say about my mama? You bettah break yo'self!"
by Kody Schafer November 18, 2003
Prepare to be mugged.
*Bob is walking down the street. Out of nowhere a mugger appears*
Bob: What the fuck?
by hahahiwin November 13, 2004
A phrase stated by an assailant (typically an inner-city youth)to an intended victim before the assailant A.)robs them B.)'Whoops their ass' or C.) 'Lets the gats pop'. Intended as a warning for the 'shit' that is coming.
Hey, there's that mark ass trick who capped my ho. Hey, fooh, break yo-self. ((mayhem ensues))
by ElCid December 10, 2003
I. Prepare to be shot/mugged. Yield or submit, no resistance please. If you're going to run, do it now.
Break yo'self fool!

Woman break yo'self!

Break yourself man!
by Pennyy9 December 15, 2008
1. To shatter yourself
2. Prepare to get a cap put in yo ass. Polite non-verbal agreement between two sects(gangs)to let one know that they be 1 second away from getting shot up.
3.Being subject to being taught a lesson, mugged, raped, skull f***ed...etc...

Usually used in conjuction with a racial slurr even though the recievee might not be of that race.
-"Break yourself N*****"
-"You best BREAK YO'SELF"

Translation to old english:
Pardon me Henry but may I believe this calls for a duel.

Translation to the suburban people:
Excuse me buddy but I am going to fight you and my friends will film it and put it on youtube cause we are hardcore!! YAH ROCK ON!!!

Translation for everyone else:
Look out ______ (rival gang member)i am about to shoot you so you best get out the way or get shot up!
by 'b-diddy' November 02, 2008
To rob a little innocent nigga.
A little innocent niggah is ridin' cool in his car, going to see his grand-mother. Suddenly, a black van approaches his car, and two niggaz in black get fast outta the black van.

Gangsta locc : Get your ass up out the car, nigga !

Real OG Gangsta : Break yourself, niggu ! Break yourself !

Little innocent niggah : Ain't this a bitch!

Gangsta locc : Get your motherfuckin' ass up out the car, foo' !

Little innocent niggah : All right, negga. Chill. I ain't going like a chump.

Gangsta locc : Don't make me rush you bigga ! Get your ass up outta that mutha nigga car !

Real OG gangsta : Get up out the car locc !

Little innocent niggah : All right, niggu ! I'm... I'm coming.

Gangsta locc : Niggah, I got you, all right ? Get your motherfuckin' ass out the car! Bitch, move or I blow ya muthaphukkin' head up !

Little innocent niggah : Please don't shoot homie !

Gangsta locc : Fuck you!


The little innocent nigga just got 15 bullets in tha head.

Gangsta locc : Now get outta the car nigga, don't make me rush you niggu !
by niggo one July 10, 2010

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