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Make you very upset or sad, or ruin your whole day.
"Dude, don't worry about him, he's just tryin' to break your crayons. Just let it slide."
by Irish Dave April 15, 2007
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Trying to ruin your day or moment by doing something childish, petty or immature - like some did in kindergarden.
Similar but to "bust your chops", "break your balls", etc but with the added element of doing something childish or immature.
"My neighbor is a ballbuster. He purposely ran his dog through my flowers because I wouldn't lend him my lawnmower."
"Don't worry he's just trying to break your crayons."
by bebopnjazz April 23, 2007
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assertivness in the form of zero tolerance for disrespect, and taking no bullshit; yet being respectful of others. Who needs to bitch people out when you can tell them the truth. Truth breaks people just as easily as it is to accidentally break a crayon.
"I'm about to break his crayons if he doesnt man up."

Jane "break your crayons" Doe
by giraffesarecooolerthanyou February 13, 2012
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