Top Definition
stay up all night/ until the sun comes up.
The girl is feelin the dude, so she break night talking to him.
by yoyoo June 16, 2008
To stay up all night without sleeping.usually to avoid cruel pranks or to watch softcore porno on showtime
Bert broke night to watch marilyn chambers busty stories
by Mr. Manny Fresh August 04, 2005
to stay out all night
going to the club 11pm, coming out at 8am, like damn its morning, we jus broke night..past of break night
by lil mamii trill January 03, 2009
To stay up until tired then to sleep with the person you planned it with
Hey Chick

Hey We are to break night at 10 pm

Ok sure!
by Sherlockx3 August 15, 2009
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