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breadline noun, originally US a queue of poor or down-and-out people waiting for handouts of bread or other food, from charity or government sources.

on the breadline said of a person or people: having hardly enough food and money to live on; living at subsistence level.
by champion06 April 08, 2008
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1.) When a group of 5$ hoes stand in line waiting to suck on a man's erection. The mish-mosh of poor women and the giving man recreate the scene of the 1930's bread lines.
Tyrone: Nigga, why does hoes waiting near dat guy?
Jayreec: Shit nigga, you know what that is! It's a bread line, you and yo moms used to go to them all da time!
by 80and2 in domquarry February 16, 2011
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