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n.: the worst insult ever
1) Dale (c) =): u bread loaf
2) haha remo, u bread loaf

by notd665 October 26, 2005
66 19
the layer of back fat that hangs over the back of a woman's bra (similar to a muffin top).
"Can you believe how nice Summer is? She made me a breadloaf for my birthday! It took her a long time to make though..."
by Needs to Cool It September 07, 2012
21 6
To breadloaf is the act of chopping somebody up and putting them in a bag. When someone is breadloafed, it generally happens so fast that there at no point is anyone breadloafing.
Marcus was coming at me all sideways. He clearly wanted me to breadloaf him.

Keep it up and you'll get breadloafed!
by burr803 June 18, 2013
5 3
Substance that comes out of an elephant's ass at the circus.
"Ruh-roh. That clown just stepped in the fresh bread loaf."
by Kfunky October 26, 2006
2 7
The act of beating a person with a loaf of French bread until their nose begins to bleed.
Watch yo self, or my boy AJ Hack will breadloaf yo lil' bitch ass.
by Breadloafa4life February 20, 2010
9 29