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when a man's hair is too long on top and it rises like fresh baked bread.
Did you see Joe's hair today? yeah, he's got bread head.
by Joey BeefBuicker July 23, 2010
6 7
a person whos only concern is money

( see neils book of the dead )
my dad is such a breadhead
by HiMoon November 22, 2004
51 8
Someone who is a big fan of children's singer/songwriter, Bread Harrity.
"We're huge Bread heads, we go to all the Bread Harrity concerts."
by CannibalCorpse666 May 01, 2009
16 6
Someone who is forever asking how much something costs.
"Thats interesting how much did it cost you."

"Oh don't be such a bread head it doesn't matter what is costs"
by BeeeDeee February 28, 2008
10 13
someone with brown/red hair
See that girl over there? She's a total breadhead.
by samjo March 29, 2009
9 20