A slang term that refers to the male private parts.
He nearly kicked me in my bread basket!
by Bobbo15 March 14, 2008
Top Definition
A slang term used to describe the general vicinity of the stomach.
*bob punches sam in the stomach*
"Owww.... right in the bread basket"
by Jon Drews July 05, 2005
That part of your body below your bellybutton extending down to the end of your genital region. The "sweet spot" for kicking somebody when you're really, really pissed off at them.
A swift kick to the breadbasket will make the most masculine of men hit the highest of high notes.

"My breadbasket's awful sore. I gotta quit fighting with that little hooker. She's a mean one."
by Scott Smith 1970 August 09, 2005
The breadbasket is the solar plexis. It is where the diaphram resides and when it is stuck violently the diaphram is temporarily paralyzed, causing the victim to be unable to breath for several long moments. If you are confused as to where the solar plexis is, just aim at the point at the bottom of the rib cage where the ribs come together in the middle.
Tom punched Bill right in the breadbasket and left him curled up on the ground gasping for breath like a fish out of water.
by Pugilism September 22, 2015
(1): A situation wherein a male pays to spend time with a female who does not have any intention of engaging in intercourse with him.
(2): A situation wherein a male pays to spend time with a female who he should not engage in intercourse with, due to her low level of physical attractiveness, or other unredeeming qualities.
Dino observed crampson buying a drink for a hideous girl at the bar. As he walked by this bad decision waiting to happen, all he could manage to say was "nice breadbasket".
by Calypso, the great dane September 24, 2014
An nonspecific unit of measurement used to quantitate anything, ranging anywhere from lengths, sizes, weights, loudness, boss battles, recockulessness, etc. Other uses: Bushel Basket (5 Bread Baskets), Jesus Bread Basket (a Bread Basket worth of Bread Baskets), Holy Mother of Basketed Bread (a Break Basket so large and mystical that is believed to have spurned the Big Bang), the Frodo Bread Basket(a Bread Basket thats not quite a Basketful of Bread)
Dylan: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Danny: That's easy, i'd kill all the zombies, dumbshit.

Dylan:...funny thing about the zombie apocalypse, there would definitely be a Jesus Bread Basket worth of zombies.
by TheButtePirate March 25, 2009
The act of your balls slapping against a girl's backside during intercourse while your penis goes in and out. The baguette and the dinner rolls.
Man, I was going to static cling that girl but my balls got in the way. So instead, we bread basketed all night long.
by MomarVanDerCamp February 10, 2011
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