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the unequivocal response to a statement or action that is severely lacking in any trace of logic, reason, or any sort of intellect. used best in conjunction with awkward pauses when someone you don't like makes an obviously wrong statement and you feel like embarrassing them in front of their peers.
Sean: Do you guys think you can go to war and kill someone?

Danny: I think i could, because i wrestled and paintball.


Dylan: That was so dicktarded it disproved natural selection.
by TheButtePirate March 25, 2009
verb, to regard a previous statement as untrue, erroneous, or otherwise disagreeable. usually used to imply the connotation that further discussion of the matter should be postponed until the offending party becomes less dicktarded. notably awkward when used in a certain company.
Sean: So Dylan said he punched Danny in the face AND he was a tree in the play, and you believed him. Are you effing retarded?

Jill: No!

Sean: I disagrr...
by TheButtePirate March 25, 2009
An nonspecific unit of measurement used to quantitate anything, ranging anywhere from lengths, sizes, weights, loudness, boss battles, recockulessness, etc. Other uses: Bushel Basket (5 Bread Baskets), Jesus Bread Basket (a Bread Basket worth of Bread Baskets), Holy Mother of Basketed Bread (a Break Basket so large and mystical that is believed to have spurned the Big Bang), the Frodo Bread Basket(a Bread Basket thats not quite a Basketful of Bread)
Dylan: What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

Danny: That's easy, i'd kill all the zombies, dumbshit.

Dylan:...funny thing about the zombie apocalypse, there would definitely be a Jesus Bread Basket worth of zombies.
by TheButtePirate March 25, 2009

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