be right back bitch
1.another way to say be right back
2.angry because a person who you talk online dont come back to talk
A: I will brb
15 mins later
B:brbb!!! I cant wait anymore
by trang July 11, 2006
Top Definition
be right back, bathroom
Joe: them was some good nachoes but they got me good
Tom: Diarrhea? lol
Joe: yeah, brbb
by zaybix April 02, 2009
Be Right Back Babe - Used while chatting online with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Boy: brbb i gotta do something

Girl: Ok
by Turi Swag August 23, 2011
Be right back baby
Jamie: Aw honey I love you.
Jack: Love you too. Brbb, I need to eat.
by Rickydillonxoxo March 27, 2015
Being Raped By Blacks

a quicker, less-offensive way of stating facts

mainly used in drunk texting situations
And for the record, I was NOT brbb last night. False alarm!

Well, im glad, though that was not a fun joke
by s4p September 28, 2010
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