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A mexican.. not technically a wet back mexican. just a mexican who drives SUV's or Trucks sips 40's and LOVES his country to death.
Person 1: You see that guy in that Yukon with a mexican flag on the back?
Person 2: Hell yeah he's a Brazer!
by I LOVE MEXICO August 18, 2005
A term for a person of Mexican descent. It usually considered as a term of endearment and rarely used in an offensive way.
Person 1: Yo, did you see Efren yesterday?
Person 2: Hell yea, he's my favorite brazer.
by quiggler August 03, 2006
Someone of hispanic decent that just moved to the United States. An illegal alien. Someone with heavy latino dialect, and mannerisms. Someone of hispanic decent who can't drive an automobile properly.
That fuckin paisa just cut me off the road!
Did you understand what that fuckin brazer just said to me?
by Ciddo April 11, 2008
Mexican that wears tight wranglers, fake snake/alligator skin boots, and sombreros.
"A Mexican night club has a lot of brazers"
by Trina September 19, 2003
A mexican who doesnt speak very good english and goes for the white girls.
Madicella's padre and Pollo's great grandfather.
by Pollo-Tweety August 04, 2005
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