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13 definitions by Trina

goodbye or farewell.Japanese for goodbye.
see you later,Sayonara!
by Trina January 11, 2004
A sexy rapper from the South, Atlanta to be exact with his 2nd album in stores now Trap Muzik. He is too serious.
"I'm a bankhead nig i'll take yo cookies" TI(TIP) Never Scared
by Trina November 15, 2003
the arabic word for a donkey. but is meant to mean a stupid girl.
look at her. she's a hmara.
by trina December 04, 2003
dexadrine; a methamphetamine prescribed for people with ADD / ADHD.
can eat the capsuls or open up, crush the beads, and rail the powder.
i ate five dexy's last night and i was wired for hours.
if i eat dexy's, i can drink alcohol like a fish.
by trina March 19, 2004
some one with a smokin body but thier face looks like a pig; a code name for someone you know with this unfortunate but hilarious disorder.
"Yeah, I thought she was hot untill she turned around and I saw her face, she's pig hot.
"Dude, did you see what pig hot was wearing today? nice clevage but damn that face!"
by Trina June 30, 2004
An enormous black and white tuxedo lady-kitty that sits around and barfs all day.

She would look great in a tutu.

If you scream "Pookiepotamus" to her, she screams at you, then promptly runs. This is her way of saying, "chase me".
Yuck, I just stepped in Pookiepotamus barf.

It's good luck if you see a Pookiepotamus cross your path. Pookiepotamus, in Greek, means "rotund goddess with pink nipples"
by TRINA April 16, 2013
Something totally tubular and "hott"
Oh, Hotchacha, shes got a new pair of shoes!
by Trina May 28, 2003