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When you accidentally graze your hand against a bro's hand while walking.
-Christian accidentally grazed Alfred's hand. Alfred proceeded to move his hand away and look at Christian awkwardly. Christian said, "relax bro it was just a braze".
- Nancy accidentally brazed Melvin. Melvin misread her Braze as an invitation to hold hands. It was awkward.
by DooblyDebet May 14, 2015
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A fob trying to say to get high.
Billy: Yo, check who's coming this way. It's Han, the Koran pothead. I think he's trying to blaze.
Han: Ahn-young, want to braze?
by Chi-kun August 11, 2007
The japanese way to say blaze.
Can be used by person of any ethnic descent, given that they smoke bud.
"We rike to braze" said the japanese pothead.
by ubernest May 20, 2008
make al feel smart, making his stuff stick to aluminum, even if it wont.
it might hold the bling bling on ifen we braze it
Al said I gonna braze that sucker
by goomfletch March 03, 2005

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