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An amazing person who can be an asshole at times but is amazing no matter what with gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful brown hair. Usually loves pothography. stubborn. But is a hilarious and wonderfull and stunning person all around and any girl would be lucky to have him.
Person 1- Who is that amazing gorgeous peron over there taking pictures

Person 2- Oh that's Braylon he's stunnig right?
by forgiveandforgetlovelife September 09, 2010
49 8
To drop an object when it is easily tossed to you. Inspired by football player Braylon Edwards, who routinely drops easy passes and occasionally (as in once every 5 years) makes spectacular ones.


Failin' Braylon
Braylon Deadwards
Sam: "Hey Ben, you forgot your car keys."

*Sam tosses keys*
*Ben completely whiffs on them*

Sam: "Stop pulling a Braylon and catch the goddamn keys."
by ColstonCreamery September 17, 2009
28 28
one who receives none; one who is all time pitcher because he can't catch; to drop something
Your pitching today because of your horrible braylon last night
by Kabeer Gbaja Bia-Mila December 29, 2008
10 27