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To play Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Person 1: Hey, wanna brawl?
Peraon 2: Yeah, why not
Person 1: w00t!
by Hylian_Legend June 08, 2009
6 5
Short for 'brewery crawl'
Kevin went on a brawl where he got shit-faced and puked on our floor after.
by packetsad September 02, 2011
4 4
A spin off of the word "brah" when a young assyrian said brah too many times fast
"where you goin brawl?" "slow down, i'm losing you brawl!"
by whiteboy1994 March 15, 2010
6 11
big ass fight w/ lots of people
did yall see krypt and blood brawlin in the parkin lot
by what name September 11, 2003
28 35