Dolls that teach young girls how to dress and act like sluts.
"I bought my daughter a Bratz doll, and now she wants to be a stripper!"
by Lottylula May 19, 2008
Dolls that teach are young girls to be sluts. They where also sent out to by asia to send secret messages to kids telling them to bomb Pearl Harbor like that Chinpokemon episode of South park.
Buster: Did you ever notice how long Bratz commericals are,thats when they send out the messages.
Arthur:Are you on crack.
by Detroit1sam09 September 30, 2005
Bratz are a line of dolls, created by MGA Entertainment. They have pretty large eyes and they have big heads so that they would look more anime and cartoonish. They have detailed clothes that always keep up with fashion as their motto says: "The girls with a passion for fashion". There's nothing wrong with being passionate about fashion. These dolls are very pretty and they brought a new look into the doll fashion industry.
Bratz are just dolls that some people actually love.
by SylverFoxy January 07, 2009
A doll line by MGA Entertainment which first debuted in 2001 as a series of 9.5" girls; the line eventually extended to include Bratz Boyz, Bratz Babyz, Lil Bratz, Big Bratz, Petz, and more. Rather than the traditional doll roles of pink princesses and spoonfed ideas of stereotypical women's work, Bratz mainly reflect modern teenagers/young adults and the fashions they often wear.
Some Bratz characters include Jade, Sasha, Nevra, and Eitan.
by Sierrna September 09, 2005
Dolls for eight year olds with big-ass heads. Come with trendy clothes, cars and the same amount of boys as girls. What's up with that? Now Barbie and Skipper can't fight over Ken!
My cousin wants a Bratz doll for Christmas but I think they look to much like Adam Sandler.
by Jaura Wipsitz March 31, 2005

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