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A bad attitude accentuated by being spoiled rotten; often used to describe someone who throws frequent bitchfits.
Your brattitude is getting in the way of a productive relationship.
by Karatemeow June 13, 2007
Specifically the negative or immature demeanor, associated behaviors, silver-spoon fed, pompously inappropriate, childish, and rude mannerisms most commonly expressed by a rotten little sister who has somehow envisioned herself to be worthy of a position of power and sharp tongue, which she clearly has not earned. To act in a rude, disorderly, or otherwise unkind fashion towards an older brother or sister without cause, justification, or reason.
An older brother called his youngest sister whilst she was away at her freshman year of college just to say hello and see how things were going, however he could not spare the time of day to say hello and shoot the breeze, so instead of being friendly, the little sister copped a fierce brattitude, saying something with a dismissive and judgmental tone about how she had to go because it was time to eat dinner. Huh, I guess older brothers aren't worth a dime's worth of respect and friendliness for some unexplained reason.
by Salvatore Paradise January 31, 2011
A mood or mannerism reflecting brattish or immaturely rebellious behavior.
My sister Michelle needs to stop her brattitude, she's always acting like a two-year old.

Dude, lose the brattitude, you're pissing everyone off.
by S. Merritt November 29, 2009
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