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someone that drive you crazy and never goes when it is there turn but you just cant get enough of them!
courtney yost is a brat!
by brownbuckeyes October 30, 2011
5 5
A girl/boy who needs a good spanking.
Jon:"My girlfriend has been such a brat lately"
Joe:"do what I do, give her a spanking"
Jon:"That could be fun"
Joe:"Yeah, it'll work too"
by brattyyy October 20, 2010
27 27
Someone who stands %100 for Cher Lloyd.
Brat 1: Do you like Cher Lloyd's music?
Brat 2: Yeah, I do.
by CataHoran December 06, 2012
7 8
Tiny mostly weak rich kids that has a lot of money but mostly just get´s robbeb of them.

A brat can never, under no circumstances be "hard as stone".
Shut it you brat!
by Jeeves von Schnaupel February 14, 2004
26 28
the sound a machine gun makes
by Doug Gorius March 04, 2010
9 13
A gir/boy that needs a spanking.
Jim: "My girlfriend has been a really big brat lately"
Joe: "Just do what I do, spank her"
Jim: "That could be fun"
Joe: "Yeah it's fun for both of you, and it works!"
by brattyyy October 21, 2010
5 12
pronounced (brott) like brätwurst this word has the same meaning and usage as the term sausage fest, a party with no women.
Man this place is a total brät, I'm outta here!
by Jonmkl February 06, 2008
6 16