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brass knuckles!
Some nucka tried to toss game on my girls ass, so I turned em around to have his face meet my brass!
by Thomas April 20, 2004
19 22
A prostitute,from the cockney slang BRASS NAIL,meaning TAIL,tail being a slang name for a prostitute
i need a shag,might go and get myself a Brass
by Dick nasty November 02, 2003
397 145
in a section of west london, this means bad, useless, crap
"That film was BRASS" or "you are BRASS at tennis"
by Jimmeh April 29, 2003
433 212
*Ammunition casing.

*British terminology referring to negative quality.

*Another term for "money".

*Synonym for "shoot", used often by Australian military terminology.

*Powerful military commanders who, for example, call certain shots.
MOM : "Don't forget to pick up the brass when you're done shooting your Garand, OK?"
ME : "Whatever. Not like we have a reloading kit or something..."

LIMEY : "That bitch was brass mate!"

DRUG-DEALER : "No brass, no deal. Now get outta here."

AUSSIE : "Ah'll brass that bitch up mate!"

LIEUTENANT : "The operation was a success!"
COLONEL : "I noticed. I'm gonna bring it up with the Brass later on. Hope they accept the results know how nervous and picky the Brass can be."
by Dave June 06, 2004
158 102
courage, also known as balls,
yo u just fuckin jump'd a crook u got brass man
by alchemist metalhead January 01, 2005
52 29
1)A word meaning bad/crap/shite

2)A word used to chow displeasure
1) You're brass at that game you bitch

2) "It costs £100000" "BRASS!"
by JDogg March 22, 2004
83 60
The boss.


A military commander who has a lot of medals. Or just medals and awards.
The brass is in town, shape up.

That boy got some brass balls.

Look at the brass on him.
by MK January 28, 2004
78 66
Adjective which causes its subject noun to be looked on in an unfavourable light, to say something is bad
Emile Heskey is brass
by steve December 29, 2003
54 45