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1. a slightly explosive brapple crushed into sauce, not dangerous unless mixed with "the lemons of"
Beware of the lemons of brapplesauce, for it will destroy all in its path!!!
by cheesewingpwnage October 01, 2006
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A bratwurst dipped in applesauce.
This is damn good brapplesauce!
by Brapplesauce February 08, 2010
A word highly used in the New England mountian bike community meaning; 1.For something to be totally smooth or buttah. most commonly used in association with a smooth flowy trail or a large drop to transition. 2.Also can be randomly shouted while biking to excite all riders.
1."Dude! I was hualin' down the trail at diablo and hit this wicked huge drop to tranny, it was so brapple sauce!"

2."Dustin-Brapple Sauce!!!!!


Drizzle-Pinnnn the in and out!!"
by Tyler_N June 05, 2006

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