opening a beer, where the act of popping the top is much like pulling the pin on a grenade and the effects are felt the next day
dude gimme a brain grenade
by cheaptrickrick December 13, 2009
Because of the unusual grenade-like shape of the bottle, Mickey's beer (in the "Big Mouth" bottles) are called brain grenades. Because the bottle shape is unique to Mickey's and patented, it is technically NOT correct to call any other kind of beer "brain grenades."
What kind of beer do you want?
Toss me a brain grenade.
by Artation November 15, 2007
a bottle of beer, due to its effects on brains.
the game's about to start, toss me a brain grenade Jack.

Heineken or Guinness?
by McInnes January 26, 2006

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