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how quick you would have sex with a really hot chick
damn she's hot
i'd hit that like a drunk driver
by cheaptrickrick December 07, 2009
opening a beer, where the act of popping the top is much like pulling the pin on a grenade and the effects are felt the next day
dude gimme a brain grenade
by cheaptrickrick December 13, 2009
a chick that only stays your girlfriend during the winter months, and she only has one purpose and is usually ugly and or fat
man that chick is ugly
yeah but shes a great nutwarmer
by cheaptrickrick December 07, 2009
The Oppisite of Alzhimers, when a younger person does not remember things due to NOT PAYING ATTENTION
Person A "God i swear holli has alzhimers"

Person B "No way Shes only 20!"

Person A "Must Be YoungTimers"
by cheaptrickrick March 10, 2010
erect nipples on a female, usually in a t-shirt and no bra
indicating that it's cold or she's ready to mate
guys at a bar: man it must be cold the red neck weather station is on!
by cheaptrickrick December 13, 2009
any toxic lead based toy from china
zhu zhu toys oh zhu zhu toys eat them up yum eat them up yum
by cheaptrickrick December 07, 2009
a relationship that occurs between 2 (or more) actors/actress's while on location shooting a movie

but could apply to someone working out of town and hooks up on a one time or regular basis
brad and angalina's relationship started out as a locationship (mr & mrs smith)
by cheaptrickrick December 07, 2009

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