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An experience that is enjoyable because it stimulates the mind pleasantly, but doesn't actually make it work. Usually in reference to light and fluffy books, movies, TV shows, and other entertainment. Akin to eye candy.
No one ever called Star Trek great drama, but it makes pretty good brain candy.
by Evac156 February 09, 2005
material that is thought provoking, but in a pleasant way, so as to solicit mental growth.
it's like candy for your brain. Braincandy, if you will.
by Tomax February 26, 2005
A punk rock band originating in Cairo Egypt. Formed in 2004, brain candy's original line up went from Taymour El Alfy, Andil Kandil, and Mohamed Tarek to the current line up of 2009 Taymour El Alfy, Bass Vocals, Andil Kandil, Guitar, Vocals and Ahmed Boughdady, Drummer.

They are currently listed on the compilation CD produced by quickstar productions ROCK 4 LIFE
Lets go to the brain candy show!!!

WE WANNA GO TO A SHOW! no ones playing!!! OH YES BRAIN CANDY IS!!!

i'll only go to sakia culture center if braincandy is on the line up
by clefti619 July 04, 2009
Street name for the prescription drug "Adderall". A part of the amphetamines family, Adderall is commonly abused by college students as a "study aid" due to it's cognitive enhancement effects.
"Yo, do you have any Brain Candy, I have a neurobiology midterm tomorrow and it's all about how amphetamines cause increased levels of dopamine in the synaptic cleft."
by Bevo2009 December 12, 2009
Mental stimulation from a challenging job, interesting people, and mindbending situations.
Example: "I needed some brain candy, so I left my dead-end job for work in rocket science."

Example: "That brain surgeon dude I met last week is really intelligent. Mmmmmm ... brain candy!"
by LindaBee January 02, 2008
Something that the kinder teachers call the candy they give you as a bribe to do your work.
Okay! Here's some brain candy to help you kids to do your 800 word essay!
by Dudette February 26, 2005
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