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Assholes who can't even say "bro" and make it worse by saying "brah", though sometimes they say bro. I am excluding the Hawaiian slang here. Brahs typically play lacrosse (big here in Maryland) and in their spare time play X-Box, get drunk with some sluts, or butt-fuck each other and claim they aren't gay, or make fun of gays because they are insecure. Brahs usually travel in groups of 4 or 5 and carry around their lacrosse sticks and make sexist "women should stay in the kitchen" jokes.

Brahs also like to wear their shorts or pants below their ass and pull their boxers up to at least mid-back. This solidifies my belief that they enjoy being ass-reamed. These guys like to brag about everything from how much they can bench press to how much pussy they get. In reality they are usually really weak and only sluts hang out with them, but they also never really get any pussy because, like I mentioned before, they are champion fudgepackers.

If you know a Brah, do him a favor and kick his ass.
John: Hey woah Brad! What's up brah?
Brad: Sup brah? Not much, let's go play some lax.
John: Dude, can Jen come along, we've been like, going out for a few days now brah.

Brad: Really? Sweet brah! You hit that pussy yet?
John: Psshh, hell yeah brah, I told her to make me a sandwich and shit.

(both do the stupid fucking finger slap that brahs do)
Jen: Fuck you John!
by 123jhg123 August 28, 2011
57 45
The gayest word that jocks and frat guys use to address each other.

And by gay I don't mean homosexual.

I just mean gay.
gay guy #1: Hey brah!
gay guy #2: BRAAAAAHHH!
me: that is so gay.
by spider hand July 24, 2010
136 128
Surf brother, associate, peer, colleague, friend in liquid solidarity. In fact; anyone on this planet, including women. Derived from Bruddah, Hawaiian pidgin for brother; term of endearment used between surfing buddies.
Whutup brah, hows it lookin out there?
by NattyDredz March 02, 2011
24 18
The correct way to end a sentence.
Cool story Brah.

I would love to Give you a golden shower Brah.
by Destination: Infinity May 14, 2012
7 6
A friendly term overused by Chad from the Mad Real World.
Chad: Sup Brah? Care to lax brah? Tryna go ham tonight brah?

"Brah" victim: Perhaps

Chad: Sweet deal brah
by meetch coopa October 27, 2011
17 17
Short for "brother," or a member of your social clique.

The slang term for gangster wannabes that think it's cooler than to say "bro."

What no-one realizes is that it's pronounced like a female undergarment. Idiots.
"Wassup, Brah?"
by FoxyFireFairy November 12, 2010
20 22
A legacy of college and utter floggers. Who believe inserting by 'zyzz' into their name, juicing hard & continuously skipping leg day that they will become instant legends
"You 'mirrin brah?!"
"Check out dem gains brah!"
"Do you even brah?!"
"Haters gonna hate a brah!"
by Miss sister April 07, 2014
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