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Extremely skilled in the art of driving can kill a man just by looking at them and is the exact alike of MI6 agent 007
That guy is such a brae!
by Dynotuned August 31, 2008
55 23
To act or speak without consequence. Childish, rude, completely ignorant.
Jaden was being completely BRAE today so I smacked him in his bitch mouth.
by somethingawesome December 19, 2013
3 2
A bro bæ
Dude we should be bræs
by Happyhorc April 17, 2014
0 0
The Brae is a slang term used to describe South Braeswood. A street on Houston's Southwest Side, South Braeswood goes through some of Houston's nicest communities but usually when people say Brae they are talking about a crime ridden area Of South Braeswood near 59/Bissonnet/South Gessner
Im over here in the Brae right now
by Skrewedupinhtown February 14, 2009
27 27
A huge faggot. Someone who is intensely gay. A man with no sexual attraction to women whatsoever. HUMONGOUS FAGGAZOID
That guy on the forum is a brae.
by Fat Washington November 29, 2004
40 116