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An extremely sexy guy with amazing hair and a rediculously large penis.
omg jay your such a brae
by brae0010101 October 11, 2014
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Extremely skilled in the art of driving can kill a man just by looking at them and is the exact alike of MI6 agent 007
That guy is such a brae!
by Dynotuned August 31, 2008
A bro bæ
Dude we should be bræs
by Happyhorc April 17, 2014
A gorgeous girl that has a beautiful smile. She's laughs at everything to make others feel better. She is loves to give hugs and will cuddle with anyone. she only thinks about others and will always help somebody in need. shes great in bed. she speaks with her heart and is always looking for opportunities to make new friends.
My girlfriend needs to start acting like brae.
by dancingorgasms March 16, 2014
To act or speak without consequence. Childish, rude, completely ignorant.
Jaden was being completely BRAE today so I smacked him in his bitch mouth.
by somethingawesome December 19, 2013
The Brae is a slang term used to describe South Braeswood. A street on Houston's Southwest Side, South Braeswood goes through some of Houston's nicest communities but usually when people say Brae they are talking about a crime ridden area Of South Braeswood near 59/Bissonnet/South Gessner
Im over here in the Brae right now
by Skrewedupinhtown February 14, 2009
A bro and bae at the same time. Usually used to indicate a liking towards your best friends sister that you think is hot but you don't want to offend or ruin y'all's friendship.
"Hey Joey! Why is Elizabeth saved as 'bræ' in your contacts?"
"Cuz her brother Matty won't let me date her. So she's my bro and bae!"
by Room212 August 28, 2014

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