The douchebag nerd that bully's other weaker nerds
Bradley: john your a pathetic small dicked twat that's only 4'th prestige on call of duty

john: What. A. Douchebag
by macaroni baloni June 05, 2011
A guy who is always looking for an excuse to flash his pubes in public
Boy 1: That guy just flashed his pubes at a bus full of people
Boy 2: Yeah that's just a Bradley... don't look it in the eyes
by Lookaway June 15, 2011
(verb) the act of taking a bite of someone else's sandwich and in the process, ripping the contents out and usually dropping them onto the floor
oh man, he just bradley'd my sandwich.
by i just puked from laughing February 07, 2010
Bradley, usually a Foster child who is commonly found on the streets or on the xbox.
They're usually around 12 years all with no manners whatsoever when you find one, but the real sadness is when you try to befriend it.
Unless you are into self harming or harrassing others, you won't get on well with this type of creature.

Note: This is a type of Bradley, other Bradley's are nicer and preferably sometimes gingers BBsmo
Example 1:
Never a week goes by without hearing someone shout the name Bradley :'(

Example 2:
Guy: What you doing?
Jamie: Playing Xbox with Bradley
Bradley: Hey Guy...grow a pair will ya? Get lost right? See if I catch you talkin ta Jamie again yeah? ...etc

Example 3:
Dude: I was up at newcastle the weekend, stayed at a friends.
Girl: Aww that's nice
Dude: Not really...their cousin played with us on the xbox...he was a right Bradley Foster -.-
by Jamie Douglas The Player December 12, 2010
refers to an individual who is exceedingly proficient in the art of performing "The Bat-Wing." (where ones scrotum is stretched out flat, to the brink of rupturing the scrotum and ejecting ones testicle, using two hands to replicate the image of a bat's wing.) Bradleys can work in teams either by presenting a series of "bat-wings" and performing choreographed routines; or by having multiple bradleys applying force to one bradleys scrotum to achieve what is known in the industry as a "Super Bat-Wing."
"That guy really pulled an accidental Bradley on himself yesterday when he didn't realise that his scrotum was caught in the rear sprocket of his motorcycle! It was stretched out that far I could read the label of the oil bottle on the other side through the skin!"
by screaming axe wound February 06, 2010
Stoners who dont care about anything but weed and where theyre smoking next. Undatable and uncommitable. Will ditch their girlfriends for weed.
Gf: Hey hun, you coming over?
Bradley: Nah mayne, im going smoking. Buhbye.
by hi2039470928374093270493287438 August 28, 2010
A person who is in love with Miss Marvelous Mindi.
Person 1: Damn. That guy sure does love Miss MarvelousMindi.

Person 2: I guess you could call that person a Bradley.
by Young Bloodlust August 25, 2010

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