I'm sorry i wasnt good enough for you but i hope you find someone else out their that is. I thought you loved me but i guess not...
Your amazing but sometimes Bradley thinks to much like a guy, and doesnt realize whats right infront of him
by your 'buddy' June 06, 2011
Long for Brad. Usually a person who is very hairy and has an abnormally large tongue. He is very well known and well liked mainly because of his great looks and charming personality causing him to be a heart breaker, especially with the male gender... He can almost always make you laugh by saying the most reedikeedonk things. Simply dashing.
Guy 1: Do you know Bradley??
Guy 2: Of course! Who doesn't know him?!
Guy 1: Ohhh yeah, he's soo cool, I wish I was like him... I'm a hairless wimp.
Guy 2: Yeah... same here....
by Nobodyknows.... June 27, 2011
A sweet, lovely, young girl/women that you will be friends with in a second. She usually studies hard and usually copies homework from other people. Anyways Bradley is a great person and should be treasured like a bar of gold studded diamonds.
Bradley took my homework!

Let's put Bradley in a vault since she's like a treasure!
by th3controller November 25, 2011
Big bollix of a man, usually found on the outskirts of clanabogan. Extremely fond of big feeds, even bigger shites and entering monagamous relationships. Can be recognised by his trademark rogue neck hair and unmistakably large fingers. Very useful when it comes to running wires from various pieces of electrical equipment through stud walls. Fast writer, even faster lover.
Is bradley goin steady again? Yeah, he tells me he's gonna marry this one...

What does bradley drive? An astra.
by sarsfield9000 October 18, 2011
The douchebag nerd that bully's other weaker nerds
Bradley: john your a pathetic small dicked twat that's only 4'th prestige on call of duty

john: What. A. Douchebag
by macaroni baloni June 05, 2011
The worst person in the world and has pimples everywhere even on his dick and he is very short
Wow that dude is such a bradley
by honestgal November 13, 2014
A guy who is always looking for an excuse to flash his pubes in public
Boy 1: That guy just flashed his pubes at a bus full of people
Boy 2: Yeah that's just a Bradley... don't look it in the eyes
by Lookaway June 15, 2011
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