A guy who, no matter what you do for him or how much you care about him, will ALWAYS fall for someone else, usually right in front of you.
That guy is such a Bradley, but I can't help falling for him. </3
by ButterflyFree March 06, 2011
A guy who bears a striking resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres.
Dang, that suit makes you look really Bradley!
by ThatGuyNamedChase December 18, 2015
When a male won't stop sucking another males dick.
"Dude! Get off my dick, Bradley!"
by Szandra.cuiniche November 14, 2015
To take a shit.

Rhyming slang - having a brad pitt
I'll see you guys later, I'm going for a Bradley
by abroski September 07, 2011
When a male won't stop sucking another males penis. Also referred as a(n) asshole.
"Why are you being such a Bradley? " "Dude! Get off my dick, Bradley! "
by Szandra.cuiniche November 14, 2015
I'm sorry i wasnt good enough for you but i hope you find someone else out their that is. I thought you loved me but i guess not...
Your amazing but sometimes Bradley thinks to much like a guy, and doesnt realize whats right infront of him
by your 'buddy' June 06, 2011
Long for Brad. Usually a person who is very hairy and has an abnormally large tongue. He is very well known and well liked mainly because of his great looks and charming personality causing him to be a heart breaker, especially with the male gender... He can almost always make you laugh by saying the most reedikeedonk things. Simply dashing.
Guy 1: Do you know Bradley??
Guy 2: Of course! Who doesn't know him?!
Guy 1: Ohhh yeah, he's soo cool, I wish I was like him... I'm a hairless wimp.
Guy 2: Yeah... same here....
by Nobodyknows.... June 27, 2011

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