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Someone with the name of brad who acts radical
Brad: Watch me backflip

Ryan:dude thats radical

Brad:No its bradical
by b2theherb January 17, 2011
Something so bro and radical, that it's bradical. Also see brad.
"Bro... that was BRADICAL."
by momjeans666 September 17, 2013
Performing an act of extreme radicalism and awesomeness. Often used in events where the subject is wearing American Apparel sweaters.
Did you see that dunk James made? Bradical!

Person 1: That Jean Claude Van Damme split was freaking insane!
Person 2: IT. WAS. BRADICAL.
by BradicalBear November 15, 2013
A word used to describe a person,thing, or event that can only be described by combining the words brutal and radical.
by 1337 3R1< FTW August 30, 2008
combination of bad and radical
dude, that chicks ass is Bradical!!
by beeteeter January 25, 2009

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