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A word for a particularly unattractive female, usually with reference to a slightly deformed smile.
"You are absolutely bradders!"

"Anne? She's bradders!"
by s_baillie_v10 May 04, 2009
A silver back gorrila that enjoys fast moving vehicles and thinks it's good with women.
by Lumpy Sam May 06, 2003
A man seemingly incapable of doing anything on his computer without resorting to squinting at his monitor like a rat and cursing under his breath.

Often makes mistakes, and has to be solely entrusted with minor tasks
God, bradders is such a mong
by BristolDave80 May 22, 2008
how a chinese guy would say bladder
"ooh, mah bradder is fuul."
by Bryan Dertif February 24, 2007
To have a "Bradders" is to lose your temper at the slightest bit of banter or when under pressure at work.
Mark had a Bradders today because he was asked to go to a meeting. He lost it at the thought of doing a bit of hard work.
by The Chisler February 08, 2013
Doing a "bradders" is losing your rag over something trivial. regularly.
Lee did a bradders and threw his dummy out of the pram after losing a game of pool. again.
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
a man possesing 'golden balls', to fix anything upon contact
Tim: I cant get an erection!
Dave : let me rub it for you..........
Tim: Holy crap its worked!!! A FOUR INCH MONSTER!
Dave: Pulled a Bradders!! Touch it.. and it works!
by Ron Burgundys ball sack May 04, 2007
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