(Verb) To attempt to screw someone by offering them a highly disadvantageous exchange.
Yo dawg, I'm going to brad this guy by offering him $50 for his brand new Ferrari.

Would I be brading you if I offered you an RB3 for your QB1?
by Notch Johnson Esquire October 03, 2012
(verb) to ejaculate with great force, covering a large area.
I'm gonna brad all over her face!


Oh my, I've bradded all over it!
by typhane June 16, 2011
An amazing guy who is sweet, funny, and kind. He is loyal and fun, a great best friend. A Brad is understanding and patient, and will tend to be easygoing. He does not get upset or angry easily. Brads love to dance, and they usually take every opportunity to do so. Brads love guitar and often have good singing voices as well. They also tend to like soccer the best of all the sports, but often have the opinion that playing sports is better than watching sports. They are romantic and chivalrous and make the women in their lives feel special, loved, protected, and cared for. Brads usually like and/or are obsessed with lemonade. Brads sometimes have funny quirks such as talking to fans in public locations.
Girl: "Awww that is the sweetest guy in the whole world! He must be a Brad ^_^ <3<3"
by someone ^_^ April 07, 2011
Main character's street name in MALIBU'S MOST WANTED
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
A wonderfully energetic man who will love you till the end. He may have had demons in the past and is new to this world so he will make mistakes, not unlike any other man that's broken your heart. He will fight for a woman and not give up, even if she's moved on...temporarily. He is completely loyal once he realizes that he's in love and will shower his woman with gifts and attention. He loves to make his woman smile and doing everything and anything to bring her joy. He admits to his mistakes, learns from them, and will devote all of his attention and energy in making up for them. He is the best communicator and can open his heart and find words to express what's inside. When you compare other men to him, they just don't measure up. Other men come in close second...but will never have the courage to make a woman feel completely loved without judgement, like he can. He makes you feel safe and secure in the world. There is no room for doubt when his words & actions align (unlike others); the sign of a true man.

He is 80% there and with some patience, love and understanding, he will be 100% in no time. The type of man that you marry and have a wonderful life with due to all of his above-mentioned attributes. This one never gives up on his woman is completely worthy of her because he knows what he wants and isn't afraid to fight for it.
jenn: so, are you ready to give it another try with Brad?
melissa: yes I am. I'm tired of dating boys whose words and actions never matched up.
jenn: I'm so happy for you. We all thought you would get back together; you two were perfect together.
melissa: somehow I knew that if the last boy couldn't truly love me, that I might try again with Brad
jenn: After all, you did have so many years of good
melissa: Yes we did. They weren't just nice memories...being with Brad made me who I am today.
by asdfghjkl123zxc May 03, 2013
A Radical Nickname for people with the name brad usually given to them by their friends.
BOB: Yo wats up B-rad!?!

B-rad: NM

BOB: Cool ur awesome!
by Rudeger69 May 26, 2009
Brad is a guy that is just perfect in every single way. He's sweet, fun to be around, shy at first but then he opens up and then he can be a little wild. He makes an amazing boyfriend, and he isn't someone that you wanna loose. You will wanna stay with this guy for the rest of your life, He will just make you feel wanted and loved to every degree. If you loose him, it won't be easy. You won't be able to get this guy out of your mind, EVER. From first glance, when you look into those beautiful eyes, you will be shot with one of Cupid's arrows and it will be worth it. He will be worth every single thing you have to go through. You know why? Because before you know it, he will be all that matters to you. If you loose him, you will feel like you are drowning inside and you just cant breath. But he will still be worth it. Honestly. No matter what comes between you and him, you will always want to be with him, because without him.... your world will be torn into pieces with you unable to pick them up. He will be the only one to fix your broken heart, if he chooses. It wont be easy to be with a Brad. But I Promise. HE IS WORTH IT ALL!
Brad is just the Best thing in the world. <3
by shish.swash. xD September 12, 2012
The only person who can successfully flush an African toilet in a hotel room.
Zane: The toilet's clogged again! Brad: Let me get it *flush* Zane: Damnit Brad!
by Chvympla67 June 18, 2010
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