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Braaz, Simply originated from a ghetto group of gangstArs in silverthorn CI. Can be refered to a brederin of some sort or a nig in ur crew.
MC Pateus: Yo Caillouski are u going to beo caffe tonight?

Caillou: i am braaz ,still..

MC Pateus: Say WOORD

Caillou: Wooord SOON!!!
by $tefan February 25, 2005
8 6
refering to ur friend or boy of ur click. To confused ignorant white people.
Braazzzz what up nigga?
by P. TITS February 21, 2005
5 4
Word that can be used instead of bro, or guy, usually directed to one of your homies, but can also be directed to your enemies
Niguel: YOOO braaz, what u saying tonight?
Tony: Not much yo, we gots to go spray dis braaz on my street still
by Aleksandar Radosavljevic February 21, 2005
6 6