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Braaz, Simply originated from a ghetto group of gangstArs in silverthorn CI. Can be refered to a brederin of some sort or a nig in ur crew.
MC Pateus: Yo Caillouski are u going to beo caffe tonight?

Caillou: i am braaz ,still..

MC Pateus: Say WOORD

Caillou: Wooord SOON!!!
by $tefan February 25, 2005
refering to ur friend or boy of ur click. To confused ignorant white people.
Braazzzz what up nigga?
by P. TITS February 21, 2005
Word that can be used instead of bro, or guy, usually directed to one of your homies, but can also be directed to your enemies
Niguel: YOOO braaz, what u saying tonight?
Tony: Not much yo, we gots to go spray dis braaz on my street still
by Aleksandar Radosavljevic February 21, 2005
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